Jedi is definitely getting into a routine and fitting into his role as a service dog.  He absolutely loves training time!  He so badly wants to please and earn that next reward!  It starts with his tail, but then he can’t contain it and his whole body starts wagging! 

He’s used to life in an office and at a school, riding the Skytrain and buses, going to the grocery store, church, the library, restaurants, and anywhere else our life takes us.  He’s even getting used to celebrations!  We celebrated a very special birthday in our house by taping balloons to the bedroom door while the birthday girl slept!  As you can see, it was totally Jedi’s idea…and that’s the story we’re sticking with!  For the actually birthday party, by the end of the day he was ready for a nap under the table! 

There was one more birthday celebration this month, but that one was spent at the beach.  Turns out Jedi is an excellent beach buddy!  He walked with me in the water up to his belly.  Then when it was time to relax, he laid right BESIDE me and not ON my towel!  This is a very important trait in a beach buddy!  We sure enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine!

Submitted By: Sedore Family