One of the main jobs we have as Puppy Raisers is to get the puppies comfortable in all types of situations.  It’s especially fun at this age when a lot of the places are “firsts”.  Just like with a baby, we like to mark these special events in the lives of the puppies as well!
In March, Jedi had the opportunity to join a Beaver Scout group at the O.W.L. Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Delta.  We kept our distance so we didn’t stress out the birds.  Jedi handled the new surroundings so well, I’m not even sure he knew the birds of prey were there! This visit was followed by a walk along the water where the Scouts did a scavenger hunt, and Jedi tried to help.
Of course, March brings with it St. Patrick’s Day!  We went out for our lunchtime walk when we walked right into a St Paddy’s Day street party!  It’s not every day you get the chance to introduce the puppies to bagpipes!
One of the highlights of the month was the “Sky’s No Limit – Girls Fly Too” event in Abbotsford.  Jedi got to go in all sorts of huge airplanes, hang out with pilots, experience the sounds of the helicopters, and we met former NASA astronaut, Wendy Lawrence!!!  We were so excited to meet her, and yet, she was excited to get a picture with Jedi!
Working so hard, learning so much, and being so darn cute sure is tiring work!

Submitted By: Puppy-Raiser Sedore Family