My name is Jest! I’m a sweet, lovable PADS puppy who just starting training! I am being co-raised by Amy and Michelle. This means that part of the time I’m with Amy and part of the time I’m with Michelle. I have had a very busy month with lots of new sights, sounds and people. I have visited Amy’s mom who lives in long term care. Amy said I was a very good boy:) I’m learning to walk on my leash and have taken short walks around the neighbourhood. Amy has a big backyard and I love to sniff the grass and run around! Michelle is a teacher so I have visited her school. I get to wear my vest when I’m at the school so everyone knows I’m a puppy in training. Michelle has 3 dogs and I think it’s super fun to play with them. Being a PADS puppy in training is an adventure!!

Submitted by: Amy Cocking