I have very exciting (and a little bit scary) news. I am going to a new raiser today. He lives near Rogers Stadium so I am going to be a city girl instead of a suburban one. I’m going to have lots of new experiences. I know I’ll miss my current raiser but I’ll also come to be very happy with new raisers.

I have been going to lots of Christmas things, especially to have my picture taken with Santa. I don’t want to sound conceited, but just about everyone who sees me thinks I’m very pretty. Especially in my different Christmas sweaters, hats, and Mrs. Clause costume.

Submitted By: Lurline Langbell

It has been challenging for me to overcome my fear of walking over certain types of grate surfaces. On New Year’s Eve I conquered this fear by crossing the “canoe” bridge in Olympic Village. It took me at least six tries to even step one paw on the bridge, often stopping several metres away. But I never felt pressured. It was one step at a time for me. Well, I did it! Very slowly and carefully, but all the way across! I was so excited at this accomplishment, and so was my raiser.

I also went to the gym twice this month!

So it is onto the next challenge for me. I’m having trouble understanding the heel and side cues. But I really believe I can figure it out this month.

Submitted By: Nigel Vonas