Hi, my name is Jewel. This holiday season I would like to thank my sponsor, Warm Hearts Charitable Foundation and all the PADS volunteers and staff. It takes a village to raise a puppy and you are all part of my heart. My raisers live in Surrey, but they are on vacation right now. I have spent 4 weeks with a puppy sitter learning how to be an urban dog.

I have taken 8 or 10 trips on the Skytrain in rush hour and I am really calm and focussed on my handler. In the office, I snooze under the desk or play with my toys. I have also learned how to use the computer and my spelling and grammar is awesome. Lunch is my favourite time when I get to walk on the Seawall and see all the people and other dogs. I’m only 7 months old, so this is my first Vancouver winter. The rain and cold weather is all new to me. I was born in the U.S.A.and I think at heart I am a California Girl. Happy Holidays!!

Submitted By: Shelley Lear