Jubilee didn’t get out much this month, other than for walks, because she has been in heat for the past three weeks. This means she doesn’t have public access and has to stay close to home and can’t be left unattended at all, or let loose in dog parks.

This also means she got to practice her loose leash walking skills, and she has truly aced this. She’s now a perfect walking partner, walking just like she is a friend on a pleasant walk (none of my friends sniff trees constantly or pick up sticks), and she has even helped me with my Spanish lessons sometimes. There are moments, of course, when people don’t have their male dogs on a leash, even on major streets, and we have to let people know their dogs can’t approach her!

Jubilee is also improving her duration skills around the house, and it’s been a pretty positive experience. Jubilee can’t wait to get out and play with her friends again!

Submitted by: Anne Vulliamy