Jubilee had another good month despite a little eye infection that got quick treatment.

She got to play in dog parks because she’s so good now at checking in all by herself, and her recall is terrific. She’s very social with other dogs and doesn’t steal their toys.

Jubilee got to go to the Petlover’s Show at the PNE with the other PADS dogs and thought it was the best… so many dogs, birds, and cats, and it was very noisy. Jubilee also went on the Culture Crawl in East Vancouver and amazed everyone with her wonderful behaviour. Jubilee also went on a fun field trip with Tracy’s puppy class to the Scotia Barn, and she loved all the loud noises, kids, ice skating, soccer and other sports.

Now the snow has arrived, and she’s thrilled about that, too!

Submitted by: Anne Vulliamy