Jubilee had a quiet month, spending a lot of time at a hospice and visiting with patients and staff. She was a champ. Fortunately, there was a great dog park next door, so Jubilee got to burn off some energy and play with some nice dogs. She worked on recall in the dog park and aced it. She’ll do anything for cheese!

Jubilee went to a big church, sat in the front row, and had to be on her best behaviour for a funeral. She was a huge comfort, although she managed to leave bits of blonde fur on everyone’s black clothes. Aside from all the serious stuff, Jubilee has been going out for coffee, to Costco, for drinks, lunches, and lots of walks and visiting local dog parks in this great weather. Jubilee even got to go to the Aquarium for a field trip and didn’t get scared by the sea lions!

Submitted by: Anne Vulliamy