This month, I took on a new career as a “movie dog”… Okay, not really, but more starring myself.  My brother Ducati & I were featured in a promo at PADS with Whitecaps players, Maxime and Doneil!  You can check us out being “good doggos” in this fun video: 

I also got to meet a new creature called a Parrot. His name is Mango and he talks like a hooman, lives in a puppy kennel and flaps like a bird.  Very confusing.  But I think he likes me. He told me I was Beautiful!

I went to something called the Food Truck Festival with my big heroes, PADS Bonnie and PADS Ocean. They taught me how to navigate crowds and ignore delicious things hoomans were eating. 

Guess what?! I also graduated from Puppy Kindergarten and won the recall challenge – I earned yummy prizes for the Mommas AND then I got to pick out a new BENEbone (ps that might also be my latest nickname!)

Submitted By: Emma Hedman