Juniper went to the White Spot with family and friends this month. The server said, “That is the happiest service dog I have ever seen.” Juniper was very well behaved; and settled under the table. We have noticed that Juniper is always happy wherever she is, her tail is always going. Our sitter, Mary-Jane, takes to work with her every Thursday at the Hope Centre (Lions Gate psychiatric facility). Juniper is making a huge difference to the patients and the out patients who come into contact with her. Mary-Jane and ourselves believe this is where Juniper would be most suited. She instinctively knows when people need her attention and she calms them down and makes them feel good. She has made a huge impact. In regard to the training, Steve is constantly working hard on Juniper’s walking. For the first time, she had a loose leash around our walk. However, the next day, she was back to square one. He has had to go back to basics as she is not focused and easily distracted. He is also working on recall which Juniper is not very good at, using a long leash and in the driveway. She does love to play a game of ‘hide the cheese’ in the house and she is really good about sitting and waiting until Steve calls her to find the cheese.

Submitted By: Lori and Stephen Fields