This month Keats went to see Jersey Boys. but he wasn’t able to settle as beautifully as he did at Phantom of the Opera. We’ve been working a lot of work on Keats’ off switch in high distraction areas, and have been doing lots of general outdoor excursions to work on Keats’ excitability and ability to focus in these situations. Keats has shown improvement in a few areas. Keats checked in with me often while playing with Piers, and even came to a timely planned ‘here’ when he wasn’t in the middle of playing.  Keats’ adolescent stage seems to be tapering off but he still has his silly teenager moments.

To my sponsor – Archetype Business Services Inc, – Hi, it’s me – Keats!  I wish you a very Happy Holiday! My raisers have describe me as “The most enthusiastic puppy ever with a love for everyone and everything that comes my way”. My favorite activities are training and playing, I could do either all day! I am learning so much and hope that some day I will be able to help make somebody else’s life better. Thank you for being my sponsor and supporting PADS, it’s people like you that make the world a better place. Happy Holidays, Keats

Submitted By: Kendra Kohler