Keys-2014-12-1 Keys-2014-12-2

Hello everyone, it’s me Keys.

I have sent along a couple of pictures from a hike, that Roma, Tully (my mom) and I where on this weekend. It was really cool. I smelled a lot of things I have never got to smell before. Tully says they were rabbits, deer, and coyotes … not really sure what those things are as I didn’t see any, but they smell different than cats!

We spent the morning walking, and Mike took a few pictures of me. I move a lot so he said it was hard to get some really nice ones. I need to learn from Roma. She knows how to pose for those pictures.

Today is my first day at work with Mike. He said I am doing really good. I am a little nervous, and there are lots of nice people that want to meet me. I miss my person Sammy. We don’t spend a minute apart. So today is a big step for me. But I can do it. I am a PADS Dog!

Talk to you later.

Love Keys.

Submitted by our awesome PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Samantha & Mike Edgar.