Keys Jan 2016 DSC_0081 sml Hello from Keys in Calgary.

There has been a lot happening here in Calgary since my last update.   I am really excited to be coming to Vancouver to meet new friends and see if I have the “Right Stuff” to carry on my path as an assistance dog.  I am a little nervous to leave the only home I have ever known in Airdrie, and my raiser Samantha Edgar, and the Edgar family.  I also have grown up with my mom, Tully, and will really miss her also.  I also have a new friend, Lennon from the Beatles litter, at my house, great little guy and will miss him too.   I am pretty attached to the family, so this will be a big adventure for me, my first time away from home without them, I guess it’s like sending your human kids off to University, or so my raiser, Sammy tells me.   I hope I get a good roomie in BC  that can help me adjust .  I hear the trainers at PADS are excellent, I will really try my best to work with them .   I have visited PADS with Sam, and last year at grad we went to the beach in White Rock, and it was so much fun.   Maybe I will get to see Roma, and her new puppies, so I can say hello for Lennon, Roma is his mom, and I told him I would try if my new handlers can make that happen I would be really happy, I love puppies!  Sammy tells me if I ever need to come home there will always be a spot for me , so that makes me feel better, I love her most, but my goal is to be an assistance dog, for a person that needs me, a partner for life.    Thanks everyone for your help at class in Calgary, I will try and update you once I get settled in BC.

Sam’s dad has attached a picture of me in my vest, I am pretty proud to be a PADS dog !

Submitted by our PADS Puppy-in-Training, Keys, and her PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Samantha Edgar.