Keys b July1Hey – it’s Keys, the new kid!

Sammy, Mike and Mike’s puppy-in-training Roma took me to Bass Pro on Sunday.  What a cool place!  I had my first ride on an elevator; Sam gave me treats the whole time, so it was fun – elevators are not scary at all!   I could see fish through the glass (but can somebody tell me what exactly a “fish” is?)  We went to the second floor, and I walked around the balcony edge;  we were pretty high up but I was really comfortable.  I stopped a few times and looked over the edge – no biggy!  Lots of people wanted to see me and talk about PADS.  They said I am very cute – must get that from my Mom, PADS Breeder Tully.  The  people also said I am very well behaved for a puppy.  There is a big mall connected to Bass Pro, so we walked around out there a bit to see how I liked all the people.  I was really not too interested in them because Sammy was talking to me and giving me treats.  I am getting pretty good at walking beside her, and not pulling.  Sam, Mike and Roma were very proud of me and my first big public appearance!  Do you know that there is an exit every 10 minutes, and Sam took out for a Better Go Now, so I didn’t have any accidents inside!   Roma is a good role model – she helps me Keys c july1understand what I should do to be a good Assistance Dog.  I just want to say, I think I am going to like this place, “Al-burr-tah”.   It’s a little cooler than Florida, and there are no Alligators.  (Whew!!)  One more thing:  if you ever go to the Mall, count on having a big drink, and a LONG nap when you are done – it’s a big place, and my legs were tired.   Can’t wait to go again though!

PS: Here are a couple pictures of me and Roma (my BFF) in front of a Bull, and me getting that drink of water after our trip through the mall.  Roma lets me drink first.  I’m glad Sammy has all that stuff with her in her dog pack.  I really like her, and I think she has a crush on me: “Puppy Love” .

Submitted by our fantastic PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Samantha Edgar