Khasi spent some time with sitters in July – one week in the early part, then two weeks at the end.

With his first sitters, he visited the Library, attended an evening meeting and accompanied them when doing volunteer work.

They also went on a camping trip to the Okanagan that included visiting new friends & other dogs, and living in a camper van.


His second sitter reported: “Khasi was a perfect gentleman the whole time we were together.  He did demonstrate for me the “hopping” that his raiser described he does: he will sometimes jump – four paws off the ground, three fee up – when on leash, if other dogs are present!  Apart from enjoying the normal day-to-day activities (visiting the YMCA, using the Skytrain, walking the False Creek waterfront, taking the water taxis to Granville Island etc.), we also took the BC Ferry and had a great weekend in Victoria, including checking out some great shopping and visiting Butchart Gardens for a tour and concert.  I hope he enjoyed his time with me as much as I enjoyed having him.”

Submitted By: Lois and Bryan Williams (puppy-sitters) and Kevin Hisko (puppy-sitter)

Photos Submitted By: Kevin Hisko