Koltan-2015-01-3I get to go for many walks, but my ultimate favourite place to go is the Enchanted Forest (also known as Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest)! It has so many great trails, things to sniff, and logs to jump over. I get to run through the puddles and mud until I look like a Chocolate lab! I also have such a great time walking with my people and have even more fun when my puppy pals, such as Kula or Milan, join us. Mommy always makes me practice my recalls and I have to earn my off-leash walk by practising my skills first, but I don’t mind as yummy treats are always involved. Life is good in the Enchanted Forest!

Till next month.

Puppy Luv,


Submitted by awesome PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Nicole Schnapp.