Kombi is a very happy, sweet, and loveable girl. She has shown that she loves to spend time with her people and dog friends and loves to work when reinforcement is high and she understands the task. She has some beautiful skills, and her puppy raisers should be very proud of the lovely dog they have raised. Unfortunately, Kombi has shown us that she can feel quite uncomfortable in public and needs a lot of handler support when she is unsure. For these reasons, and after very careful consideration, we have decided that Kombi would be happiest being in a home with no public access. We are exploring a VIP home so she can share her amazing skill set and lovely disposition. We wish Kombi and her forever family all the best as she transitions to life out of cape. Thank you to all our amazing sponsors, volunteers and puppy raisers for all your support of Kombi!

Advanced Training Location: Calgary

Submitted by: Amy, Advanced Trainer