I had a great adventure in August.  We took the ferry to Texada Island where we attended a great blues festival for two days.  I got to meet lots of people who commented on what a good and beautiful boy I am.  We camped with two of my favourite people, Wendy and Sylvia, and had dinner at the cottage of another one of my favourite people, Carol. Best of all Mum and I got to have an evening swim in the ocean at Erikson Beach.  There was a seal swimming with us and we were very curious about each other, but neither of us tried to chase the other!  The other great part of the weekend was that I got to play with my buddy, ex PADS dog Verdot!!  That’s him in the picture and I’m the one with the red collar.  We had so much fun playing together and exploring in the bush.  I also got to swim in a gorgeous flooded old lime quarry.  Dad and I swam all over the place exploring the islands and shoreline of this quarry. My family and I highly recommend this swimming hole and really hope that the developers don’t discover it!!

Submitted By:  Nola Chanroux