Here I am all decked out in a bow.  Aren’t I handsome and festive!!  I was a very good puppy and didn’t mess (too much) with the Christmas tree and didn’t disembowel the Christmas stuffy dog in the background even though it barks Christmas carols all the time.  Not like me – I only bark occasionally when I’m playing with some friends at the dog park.  Santa must have been keeping an eye on me all year because when I woke up Christmas morning my stocking was full.  Mum gave it to me and even though it smelled like delectable dog treats I didn’t touch it until she told me “yours”, then I had lots of fun pulling out goodies.  I promptly bit the beak off the toy duck so Mum had to throw it away, but I have been quite gentle with my new reindeer and it actually still exists after 5 whole days!  My Mum and Dad and I all wish you a very Happy New Year.

Submitted By: Nola Chanroux