My mum and I are way overdue in our pupdates – Mum is frustrated because I’m so beautiful and glossy, but in all the photos she tries to take I just look like a black blob!!  My new Mum and Dad are very impressed with what a good puppy I am at only 8 months old.  Kailea and Chris did a very good job with me, so when their shifts changed and I had to get a new Mum and Dad I came to them with good manners.  I am very happy in my new home and the really good thing about it is that I have a girlfriend, Glimmer, who is in advanced training and comes to live with us every weekend.  I am head over heels in love with her – we play very nicely together, and we like to lay on the floor and kiss each other.  I like to groom Glimmer, and I will often bring her a toy so we can lay down together and have a good chew.  The other thing I really like about my new home is that Mum grows strawberries, raspberries, saskatoons and blueberries which Glimmer and I really like to eat.  Mum is not too happy about this as she likes them too, so she is trying hard to discourage us!

Submitted By: Nola Chanroux