Ky was very excited to greet us when he got out of the car after his road trip from the Okanagan. He made fast friends with York and Caddy (his buddy who also travelled from the Okanagan), as Ky is very easy to befriend.  

Ky did not have a bunkmate for his first few days as he was very excited to be around everyone. He had quite a few days where he just got to chill out in office environments, and he did so well! Everyone who took him absolutely loved spending time with him. He was able to settle perfectly and just snooze away. Ky excels in loose leash walking around the campus. Ky had some trouble settling in the training centre with other dogs, but after a while, he started to get the hang of it. Ky was lovely to be in the kennel with, and he eventually became bunk mates with Dylan II. Ky loved the bottom bunk, while Dylan loved the top! 

Ky’s stay at the kennel was short-lived as, on March 1st, he started his adventure to living on Vancouver Island. He will work with our trainer there, Rob Senior Instructor. Ky shows us all how chill of a guy he is. We hope he has a great time on Vancouver Island! 

Thank you for all your support of Advanced Dog Ky!

Advanced training location: West Coast 

Submitted by: Jade, Kennel Coordinator