This is crazy!! My teeth are falling out!! I have these two really big front teeth that are hanging out of my mouth. I keep being told how cute  I am.  I already know that, but I pretend I don’t. My humans know exactly what to do when my teeth hurt. I don’t know how they do it! I am finally old enough to go to this dog park I have heard them speak so much of.. BOY DO I LOVE IT!!!! I meet so many friends, my humans tell me what a good listener I am because as soon as they call me I come running back to them as fast as I can. I even got to meet this thing they call a cat… I mean I don’t think it wanted to play with me as much as I wanted to play with it but that’s okay. I am growing so fast my legs cannot keep up with me when I run, so far so good living the life of a little Lego!

Submitted By: Melissa Magliocca