Lennon is doing well. He is loving his school visits and going into different facilities and making people smile. Some of the field trips we have taken are: Abbotsford Police Department, the noisy ice rink, mall, petstore, dog park to work on his dog distraction and sniffing, University, College, & Middle school. He is going to be a very well-educated boy now! Because of his sniffing and pulling when he transitions to someone else, I have now been training him on a gentle leader (halti) which is working out great. He doesn’t seem to mind it at all and in fact will stuff his nose into it just like he does with his cape.


1st photo is Lennon with some of the other PADS dogs who went to support the family and co-workers of the fallen Abbotsford Police officer

2nd photo is group obedience at the dog park. There were huge swimming puddles that day!

Submitted By: Lisa Davis