Lilo’s very sensitive spirit made being in public spaces and on the go constantly too much change for her. She often expressed this anxiety with silly antics and less than stellar service dog behaviour.  Knowing how intuitive she was to how people were feeling, in August Lilo was matched as a PADS VIP (Very Important Pet), which means she gets to enjoy all the joys of being a pet, while still changing the lives of those that are hurting. 

Lilo settled in nicely with “mum” Amy and her partner Colin in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Awaiting her there was Indie, Lilo’s half-sister (they share the same mum Glory) from Denzils Goldens. Indie provides endless hours of play and entertainment when she’s not at work. Lilo greatly appreciates some of the perks of being a PADS VIP Dog including lots of play, couch cuddles and being able to use her very “special sauce” to impact the lives of those that are hurting.

Lilo accompanies “Mum” to work at a residential treatment facility with the Metis Addictions Council, where Amy works as an addictions counsellor. When Lilo arrives, it’s not uncommon for her to even bypass her favourite people and zero in on someone who is particularly struggling. One morning she did this, and the recipient of her attention burst into tears. Rather than being put off—as many pups would‚—by this outburst, she simply rested her head as if to say “Yes, I know. Hello, I love you!”. Her impact is very special, and she knows “her” people and the role she plays in their world very well.

At Thanksgiving this year, Lilo visited the lower mainland, and her puppy-raising family had a chance to spend some time with her.  They were awestruck by how relaxed and settled she was.  The busy, worried, always on-the-go pup had transformed into a settled “old soul” that loved to rest her head, burrow into your neck for a snuggle or have a romp with many of the PADS dogs she encountered during her visit.  It is so encouraging for us to see the transformation in a dog when they find their perfect “soft landing” doing what they were born to do.

Thank you each so much for the incredible impact you’ve had on this beautiful dog, your support has helped Lilo—and PADS—change many lives one dog at a time. 

Submitted By: Tara Doherty