Lucy just gets more and more personality coming out of her each month. She’s very willing to learn and work and seems to understand that when she puts on her cape, it’s go time, whether training in the house or out in public. She’s gotten very long and leggy but carries herself with a swagger that is hard to miss. Still, even with all the attention on her in public, she takes it with grace and indifference. Unless, of course, we come across someone on their phone who pays absolutely no attention to her, then she’s desperate to make them notice her, LOL. She’s so composed that sometimes I forget she’s only been on this earth for 5 months.

We’ve had quite a few outings this month. Her first bus ride went as expected. She handled the Skytrain with no problems last month, and sure enough, the bus was no big deal. Even with multiple strangers and rolly carts, she stayed interested but focused. An actual grocery shop using a cart was no problem for her, and she’s consistently well-behaved in walkabouts to the mall and various stores.

She also went to see some horses while with the sitter. I’m told she went through a range of emotions (fear, excitement, ramped up excitement, calm) and very quickly relaxed enough to interact with the horse. She also visited some goats with me at a garden store. They wouldn’t come very close but even looking/smelling them, she actually had zero reaction that day.

Lucy and my house dog Clover (husky) continue to be the best of friends. Lucy, 90% of the time, respects Clover’s space, and they both are able to settle in the house together and separately. Lucy shows no sign of possessiveness towards me or the toys they share. Even from the beginning, I’d often find them in Lucy’s kennel together. Clover goes in there for some peace, but Lucy seems to realize she’s then a captive audience and inserts herself in there as well. It was pretty comical in the little kennel days.

Submitted by: Sandra Shibasaki