Now that spring is here (although you wouldn’t know it from all the rain), we can get out a bit more, so this month we did a trip downtown on the train. Even though we’ve not done this often, Lucy shows no hesitation toward new things. She might be a bit uncertain but puts her confidence in our partnership and that I won’t steer her wrong, and off she goes. Plus, a little food doesn’t hurt! 

She’s a social butterfly, so we work on her self-control in greetings and around other dogs. Although her excitement still often gets the best of her, I can tell she is trying oh so hard to contain herself. You can’t help but laugh at the sounds she makes as she tries to hold in her voice! 

Every day as we cuddle in the evening, I look back at how far she and I have come and feel like there’s only more success to be had. Her ever-present zest for all things (although sometimes frustrating for me) brings smiles to everyone she comes in contact with. Being out with her makes me live in the present moment, which is often difficult for us humans, so I am grateful for every moment.

Submitted by: Sandra