My raiser lady said I’ve sprouted like a weed this month. She said when I came, I was a squat little chubster, but now I am long and leggy! The weather has been so much better lately that we’ve had a lot of park outings and off-leash time, which is awesome! I always come back when she calls me, though. Just to be safe because I think she gets scared on her own. I usually don’t go very far before going back to check on her.

We’ve done lots of outings to different places: the office, coffee shops, many stores, a really noisy bus loop, and a car wash. I even went to keep the raiser lady calm while she made a blood donation. I love seeing all these new places, and the raiser lady says there’s so much more we’re going to do, and I’m ready! I don’t know why sis doesn’t get to come, but I make sure to tell her all about these places when I get home.

Submitted by: Sandra Shibasaki