Lucy and I had the anniversery of her move-in (January 28th) this month. One year ago this little chubby ball of floof inserted herself into mine and Clover’s life very enthusiastically and has changed our lives. I feel like Clover’s bond to me is stronger than it would have been if Lucy wasn’t here, partially due to sibling jealously but also, Lucy has taught me to have more patience and better communication with them both. Lucy is forever upbeat and expecting only good things, and her enthusiasim makes her irresistible to anyone who meets her. You can tell she is trying oh so hard to do what is asked of her but her little body is so full of joie de vivre that you can see it vibrating and she can’t focus.

She had her GDBart on the 31st and while I know there are many more things we need to work on, I’m hopeful that she showed everyone that she is capable of great things .

Submitted by: Sandra