This has been a huge month for Lucy. She has been chosen to go into the breeding program so has had a few visits to the PADS Campus and we are now just waiting to get confirmation of a pregnancy. This little wild child is going to have to change her ways!

Outside of that, this month has been filled with new things for Lucy. With an extended stint at a sitter who is a caretaker of a retired AFD, Lucy got to experience what that kind of life might look like and reports are, she would be excellent. Her sitter said Lucy was calm and welcoming of cuddles and pets from clients and seemed to understand her role was to comfort and just be, while clients took a moment to forget whatever troubles they may have. I could not be more proud.

Lucy dives into whatever is asked of her (food always helps!) and it has been so much fun to watch her learn and grow. If the next step turns out to be motherhood, I’m sure she will enter into that with gusto and her usual comedic delivery that keeps everyone who comes across her, in stitches.

Submitted by: Sandra