Lucy II had a great outing with my 2-year-old niece and me this month. We went for breakfast, and even though my niece kept kicking her legs while at the table, Lucy adjusted and managed to settle. Then at the mall, she walked beside the stroller navigating the turns and staying beside us nicely. I couldn’t have been more proud of all of us, actually. Going to the mall with a 2-year-old human and a 1.5-year-old puppy is not something I ever imagined doing at all, never mind successfully! 

One change I’ve noticed in Lucy is in the car. Since day one, she has been very comfortable being in the car and would drop to the floor instantly and go to sleep for the whole ride. Sometimes I would wonder if I had forgotten her in the parking lot somewhere, but she is always there. This month, I noticed she was sitting up and looking out the window for most of the ride. Just an odd change, but it’s these changes that make me realize she’s ever-evolving still. 

Our “family walks” with Clover, Lucy and myself have become easier, and with the nicer weather, it’s fun to be able to go out with the two of them and explore more. Lucy’s dog excitement is still ever-present but becoming more and more manageable. Another part of her evolution. 

She continues to be the belle of the ball and steal every heart she comes into contact with.

Submitted by: Sandra