Now that I’m 6 months old, a lot of the stuff we do is the same, but the raiser lady says you never know what might happen that day, so I stay focused. We made more trips to the store and another bus ride. Raiser lady actually bought a pair of pants and shoes one outing. She seemed really excited and said I had turned into a shopping companion instead of a barrier to shopping.

I’ve let her graduate to doing her workouts solo. She knows her stuff now, so I don’t have to interfere and correct her positions; I just stay on my bed until she’s done, but I watch her closely to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself, of course.

It was Sis’s adoptaversery this month, so we got cake! Okay, okay, I ate her piece but seriously, you snooze, you lose Sis!

Submitted by: Sandra Shibasaki