Lucy is learning that not everything is new and exciting, and we’ve had so many great moments this month. She came with me to donate blood and, through every station, she sat quietly and attentively. Even as people spoke to me or stared at her, and when it came time for me to donate, she tucked herself under the bed without direction and stayed there for the most part. 

She is so eager to know what’s next and looks for direction. She doesn’t always follow it but to be honest, she’s only 10 months still! This month was sort of filled with just life stuff, but every month, I notice she is becoming more in tune with me and seems to understand that when she puts on her cape, it’s “time to work” and is more than willing to participate. 

Lately, I’ve had more visitors come to the home, which was training that was lacking due to restrictions, but her “hostess” manners are improving, and my guests are in love with seeing Lucy and my house dog Clover in their home environment just being sisters.

Submitted by: Sandra Shibasaki