Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

it turns out the Beaton family was quite smitten with me and missed me a lot so they’ve taken me back into their home. It’s official–they are keeping me. They are my permanent puppy raisers! YAYYYYYYY! I was so excited I jumped right in to the driver’s seat- I figured I could drive us home!

I am also excited to get my brother Rocky back–I love that guy so much!  He taught me how to sit patiently when there is a pile of kibble on the floor (in the shape of a heart- awwwww!).

I also love food- see me sitting by my bowl waiting for supper? One thing about this family- they don’t exactly pay attention to my hunger cues!  I suppose it’s okay because they love me a lot. They love snuggling me, giving me belly rubs, playing with my ears (apparently I have very cute, long ears) and they know my favorite spot to be pet- right under my jaw- I have so much fur there and it feels so good to be pet there!

I guess that’s all for this month.


Submitted by: Puppy-raiser Tracy Beaton