April showers, really, more like the monsoon for much of the month. Rain or shine, Mom & Dad got me out.

So something Mom has discovered is I like coffee, toilet paper and helping with the laundry. Now the first two things aren’t so good, but the laundry is an awesome skill. I only like to take out towels & socks. Mom says if I’m going to help, I should help with everything.

We went to our cabin twice this month now that I’ve had my rabies vaccine. We go into Bellingham to do grocery shopping, and sometimes Mom & I wait in the car if there are too many stops. I experienced my first car wash. That was pretty cool. It’s so fun at the cabin. We go to a great off-leash area, and only a few other people & dogs are around. Released PADS dog Comox, and I went there a couple of times; he’s a very patient boy with me.

We went to a party for a dog named Scouser, and he turned 13. Mom & Dad left me in my kennel for the first few hours so they could visit with everyone and eat, and then I got to go. Mom had me sit beside her and not say hi to anyone. Scouser was in bed when I got there. I did bring him some home-baked doggie treats.

Mom has been keeping up with taking me to a pet store once a week. I’ve been pretty good most times. One store, though, just had so many smells it was really hard for me not to sniff the ground. We didn’t stay there too long, and I need to work on “no sniffing.”

We meet up regularly with PADS people for training and for some off-leash fun. One time I got so dirty I had to have a bath when I got home, and so did PADS Fred.

My cousin Berkeley stayed with us for a couple of days, and we did manage to be on a bed together. I don’t know why he doesn’t like to play with me.

Mom & I went for a walk with Suzanne, who will be sitting me for a month, yup, a month. Mom & Dad are going on a big trip, and I can’t go with them. Mom says I need to be on my best behaviour while they’re gone.

We’re always training, I like to train cause I get kibble, and sometimes if I do something amazing, I get special treats. I’m getting taller. Mom keeps telling me I’m growing so quickly and to slow down.

Mom & Dad are going to notice such a difference in me with going away for a month. I’m going to miss them, and I’m sure they’ll miss me. I’m excited to be with Suzanne, though.

Bye till next month.

Submitted by: Maia