Well, August sure went fast, I was with a couple of different sitters, and Mom and Dad went to Calgary for a family get-together, unfortunately, I couldn’t go cause some of them were allergic to me. Do you believe that? Then Mom & Dad went to a concert in Seattle, they said the day they had planned, shopping, dinner and the concert would have been too much for me. The sitter took me on transit from Langley to downtown and said I was really good.

I met a couple of PADS friends Shadow & Flicker at Coquitlam Centre for a training session which was mostly walking nicely and sitting quietly while our raisers chatted. Being able to sit quietly is so important and sometimes Mom says I have ants in my pants so this is good training for me.

We’ve been spending lots of time at the cabin. One weekend I had my two cousins and their moms & dads with us. Clark, or as they call him, Jurassic Clark is a yellow lab, he’s a little over a year older than me. We had so much fun together, he may be bigger but I held my own with him, and we got along so well we even shared his soft kennel. My other cousin Berkeley was much friendlier to us this time, he actually played with us a bit.

All the adults went to Fairhaven to celebrate my human sister’s birthday, and we pups did kennel time, it was good as we were tired from playing anyway and kennelling is important. When they got back they played corn hole, Clark & I sat and watched although we would have loved to fetch the bean bags. We did go for some nice walks together too.

Dad had hockey stuff happening another weekend so Mom had a couple of girlfriends at the cabin and again the weather was beautiful. We all went for walks, and Mom & her friends went shopping and for lunch. Sadly, I stayed home, and I wanted to do fun stuff too.

Our puppy classes were on Zoom this month. Of course, the training never ends, it’s every day.

One of my last get-togethers this month was with PADS Lohn. We ran around and then went into some very dirty water, and we both went straight to Bosley’s for a bath after. The last day of the month ended with me going into heat, Mom said she had a feeling and that’s why she let me have a good run with Lohn, now I’m under house arrest for the next month or so, lol.

I’m telling you right now, September won’t be as fun as August, we’ll make the best of it though.

Pretty in pink,

Submitted by: Alison