Hi, I’m Maia from the Seven Sisters litter. I joined my mom & dad at the beginning of this month and am settling in really well. PADS Sassy was here the first night and then went to another raiser, so we didn’t get a chance to play and get to know each other. Maybe we’ll see each other again. Sassy looks like a bigger version of me, and she’s very fun.

This is a time when I’m learning so many new things and going on a lot of new adventures. I had my first bath, and it was ok. I felt really good after. Dad had an operation on his finger, and mom & I went to the hospital to pick him up. Everyone at the hospital thought I was so cute.

I’ve been to two in-person puppy classes, my sister is in the same class, and we’re the youngest. It’s fun being around all the other dogs, I’m learning so much, and it’s also very tiring. I sleep all the way home.

I went for a play date with my sister Electra, and we had fun running around her yard, then we went for a walk and after went to a coffee shop. It took Electra & me a while to settle down, but we eventually did. Mom says we’ll be doing more of this as this is an important skill learning to be calm out in public.

Mom & I met another raiser Joanne and PADS dog Radar for a training walk outside. It’s important we walk nicely around each other, other dogs and people. We walked through the rec center after, there were lots of interesting noises and surfaces, and we went to the coffee shop thereafter. Radar & I were pretty well-behaved, and lots of people were asking questions about us and PADS.

Mom, dad & I went to the Coquitlam Legion along with several other PADS dogs as the legion is donating money to PADS, and PADS wanted to show everyone how good we are, even me as a little puppy.

This is a time where I’m learning and exploring. I’m going to different places and experiencing sights, sounds and smells, all while learning to stay engaged and not be distracted by what’s around me.

I’ve been to the mall, city hall where I got my license, a community market & Costco to make sure these outings are successful. Mom & Dad keep them short; as I grow, I’ll go more places and for longer. I’ve also been on some adventure walks where I’m on a retractable leash, and I get to smell and explore. This is different than working on my loose leash walking.

I love the snow. Mom says I’m definitely an Alberta girl, not like her. She says I hop like a bunny in the snow, and she calls me a punny (puppy/bunny) lol.

I’m a bit of an early riser. Mom says she’s looking forward to me sleeping a little later, I’ll work on that.

Let’s see what adventures March brings. Bye for now.


Submitted by: Alison