Hi, July has been a very social month for me, it started with a party on Canada Day even though we were in the States, then it was the 4th of July which meant six hours straight of fireworks, mom said I was amazing, not phased by the noise at all.

I went to a couple of outdoor concerts, dinner with mom & dad for their anniversary, Ribfest, Caribbean Days as well as meeting up with my friend PADS Lohn a few times, I even went swimming for the first time and I loved it. Mom said I’m her first dog to jump right into the water.

We had friends stay with us at the cabin, there were two boys, one of them was very interested in learning about me, he even left watching the fireworks early so he could lay outside my kennel and watch me sleep. We’ve had more friends stay with us at the cabin and at home as well as family over, like I said it’s been a very social month.

I stayed with Sabrina who has PADS Copper one night as mom & dad went to an engagement party. Sabrina volunteers at the theatre and I got to go with her as Copper was in heat. I always have so much fun at Sabrina’s and I’m getting better with being around her cat Luna.

Since we’ve been at the cabin so much mom hasn’t been able to take me to a pet store every week however we’ve had lots of different training opportunities. I have mastered “Savasana” with mom, I sometimes put my paw on her to let her know I’m there. I’m now riding in the back of moms SUV, I like that I can see out the back and there’s lots of room to lay down if I want, mom says she misses me up front though.

We had a couple of in-person puppy classes, I’m going to tell you, mom, & I found them hard cause we were distracted by all the wasps, we’ve both been stung before, and I like being outside for class but not lately.

I think that covers July. πŸ™‚

Bye for now!

Submitted by: Alison