While Mom and Dad were gallivanting around the globe, I went to stay with Sitter Suz, and we had a great month. I was able to go to three different offices and am now a pro at elevators. We visited a few restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores. It wasn’t all work and no play, though – there were lots of walks, on and off-leash. I loved running with the wind in my ears but had to make sure I could hear ‘puppy puppy’ so I knew when to come back for my kibs.

I loved hanging out with my new bestie, retired PADS Walker. She was pretty reserved but I think she liked me too. We were really good at sharing bananas and even letting the parrot have some. One time Walker almost let me cuddle with her and she may not admit it, but I know she is going to miss me and my puppy antics!

Sometimes even sitters need sitters so I went to stay with Sabrina and Leanne for two nights. Leanne took me on transit for the first time and then Sabrina and I went to volunteer and watch a show at the Theatre. What a day that was – I even slept in a bit the next morning. New experiences are always good for a pup in training.

Just a few more sleeps and Mom and Dad will be home and I am really excited to see them. Hopefully, they recognize me as I have grown a lot in the last few weeks.

Submitted by: Suzanne Rice