Malibu was so excited to be here after her road trip down from the Okanagan! She was tired from road-tripping but couldn’t wait to be here. She settled into the kennels perfectly. She is bunkmates with her sister Mercedes! Malibu calls the top bunk to look over all the other kennels. She and Mercedes enjoy sharing, chewing the same bones, running, and chasing each other in the play yard. Malibu has an excellent off-switch and has settled very well. She needs some direction sometimes but is learning it’s okay to rest. Malibu can be very excitable, but she is very handler-focused when she needs to be. Malibu settled with her new sitter super fast and have had a great time. A quirk we are working on is her dog distraction. She just LOVES all the dogs, so we are learning to ignore them when we see them. She has already been doing good and is making improvements each day already. Malibu has shown us how much love and care everyone has put into her. Malibu is very bright, and she is proving to be a fun addition to the class. 

During this round of turn-ins, Ashley did hearing candidate assessments for potential candidates. Malibu was one of those dogs selected to try it, and she really enjoyed trying out the work. She is very polite and has a fantastic default sit and wait for explicit permission, so her current focus is to work on reducing those behaviors when it comes to working with sound. She’s already starting to get the hang of it and is loving all the kibbles that come with the work! Malibu will be in part-time, long-term sitting and on-site training with Ashley to accommodate string size limitations and want to keep a good thing going. We’re excited to see her future growth in whatever career that may be! 

Thank you for all your support of Advanced Dog Malibu!

Advanced training location: West Coast 

Submitted by: Jade, Kennel Coordinator