It has been like summer vacation for Malibu, with so many summer events, and the hot weather we have spent time in the water to cool off. She got to be captain and join my grandson on the paddleboard for a cruise along the of shore of Kalamalka Lake. We did a long hike along the creek at B.X. Falls near Vernon. Malibu easily maneuvered the metal stairway, then joined the grandkids for a dip in the cool pools. We attended the ABBA/Fleetwood Mac Tribute concert in the Lake Country Park and even met PADS Misty & her family.

Malibu had her picture taken with a shiny, red Malibu Convertible, at the Vernon Cruiser’s Car Show. She also had a visit with the chickens, donkey, pigs and goats at Davison’s Farm Market. She even got to sample a few of the big juicy cherries! Malibu attended the field trip training and Orchard Park Mall, and puppy class with Trainer’s Tamara and Heather, where we worked on dog distraction.

Submitted by: Carol Benz