Oh my, I love working at school this month. Finally, I got to stay the full day at work – kennel-work – kennel shifts. I helped one boy participate in gym. He used to feel scared to go to gym. No kidding, it is loud and big. With me, he was happy. We played our favourite game–hide kibble in the blanket and search. At lunchtime, we played another game–whose food container/kong gets finished first. I pretend I can read and listen when it is quiet reading time or carpet time. On the carpet, I stayed calm. To be honest, it was very challenging at the beginning because they all want to put their hands on my beautiful hair. My mom and teachers need to remind them several times. Now I get used to it. If they touch my end of the tail or back or get close to me, I just ignore them. They are sweet kids and they love me.

I also visited a sitter. We went to a farm together. It was a good vacation.

Submitted by: Jenny Jin