My folks marvel every morning when they take me out of my kennel, that I’ve seemingly grown another couple of inches overnight!

Last month they went on something called an ‘Alaska Cruise” and said they were leaving me home because they didn’t want me tangling with something called Grizzly Bears. I wasn’t worried about that, but got to stay with some very nice sitters in east Vancouver who have cared for a lot of PADS dogs. They walked me a LOT!

Last weekend we went on a trip to a lake house by Kamloops and I had to contain myself as there were two very delicate senior dogs there. When we went on walks I found a dead toad and a dead vole, but Dad wouldn’t let me have either one!

I don’t mind my folks touching my feet but sure didn’t like the idea of nail trimming; Dad says I put on a “rodeo” so the vet had to do it. Guess I’ll be getting some training on that!

Submitted by: Perry Edwards & Charly Flesher