I’m sure you are all wondering how the dogs are doing over here on the Island. They are very nice dogs to have and thank you all for preparing them for advanced training. 
All four dogs – Vanstone, Harrison, Kurtz & Mars – are settling in nicely and enjoy each others’ company when not being trained. I have a big yard here and I created a fenced area for toileting very much like on the Burnaby campus. I also have an allocated area for the dogs to be free and play around in. They all sleep in individual and very large crates (made for Great Danes) in the garage at night. It’s a fully insulated garage with a fan inside so the temperature stays regulated.  They are all showing great interest in learning new skills!
Mars cracks me up. He is very licky which we are working on reducing. He also has alert barked a few times, we are also working on improving this. I do remember his aunt and uncle (Glimmer and Snow) had a tendency to alert bark (more Snow than Glimmer). He is a very attentive guy and he’s always ready for a good petting and my family is happy to oblige.
Mars and his buddies spend the day training or playing outside waiting their turn to be trained. Around lunch time I bring them all inside the house for a rest while I eat before going back to training. Then after they are fed their supper, they spend the rest of the evening in the house with us relaxing and chewing bones. I put them all to bed around 10 pm.
Right now most of the training is at the beginning stages so not too much to report there yet.

Submitted by: Rob McKay, Advanced Trainer.  Rob has four dogs on his string and works remotely from his home on Vancouver Island.