Marsh’s Marvellous Month October. 

Marsh here. This month started off hot and sunny and ended up cold and wet. Rain is not my favourite thing to go out in. Drops in my eyes and soggy fur are rather annoying, but I have to go out. One day, all the umbrellas came out in the garage and were dusted off, and now they are lined up and ready to go again. School is familiar now, and I have my kennel, toys and treats all organized in my office. Sometimes, the kids are noisy, and I just go to sleep in my kennel. One student went horseback riding, and I went to watch. The kids love to come and say hi, so I have to keep all four paws on the ground every time. When I’m not at school, I go on outings and practice cues and obedience. This month, I figured out where the side position is and have learned the cue, too. Outings have taken me to three different community centres and some shops. I went camping in a van, and I had lots of short trail walks. Autumn is very pretty with coloured leaves on the trees and ground, and it’s hard ignoring leaves blowing all around me. Halloween is just around the corner, and there are houses all over the neighborhood decorated with all sorts of crazy inflatables and signs. The evenings are dark now, and I have been out on some dark walks. Of course, I love coming home to my warm, cosy bed and extra-long naps. 

Submitted by: Jo & Laura