You can tell it’s spring because I am always chewing on some fresh blades of grass on my walks! 

Earlier in the month I went to the BC Distilled event at the Croatian Centre that PADS was fund-raising at. It was very busy and very noisy, but lots of people wanted to say ‘hello’ to me, especially someone with special green boots! 

One highlight of my month was a trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island for the Easter long weekend. In the ferry line-up, and on the ferry, I met current and former PADS families – what a small world! I had a good run on the big beach (where I was allowed), and almost got my toes in the ocean – but the water movement was a bit scary. I did, however, have fun in a quiet pool after I watched a couple of older labs swimming in it. On one rainy day we had a nice time watching the sea life inside at the Ucluelet Aquarium. 

I had my first ‘Walk & Talk’ this month, and now my trainer knows what SHE needs to work on for the next while.

Submitted by: Christine