The month has flown by, again! Easter was fun, except for having to wear those silly rabbit ears – although my raiser thought I looked cute.

I attended my first hockey game! Just when I would get settled, there would be some very loud noises, horns and shouts, and I really didn’t know what all the fuss was about – something about Canuck goals – whatever! Something that was more to my liking was a trip to Vancouver Island. We stayed at a lovely place that had some released PADS dogs, and I had a couple of wonderful walks with them, and got some beach time in as well – it was great!

I was spayed earlier this week, which was a bit stressful since I couldn’t eat ALL DAY, but I’ve bounced back. I don’t know why my raiser won’t let me run and play, but I guess I’ll just take it easy for a few more days. And then I’m off to a really big adventure – puppy university (AKA advanced training). It will be hard to leave my home, but I’m sure I’ll have a great place to continue learning.

Submitted by: Christine