July was a busy, busy month for me with a lot of different activities. I am now big enough to jump into and out of the car hatchback on my own (my raiser is very happy about this!).

I had a couple of trips out to the airport – not very exciting, but a good chance to practice my “go somewhere and do nothing” game. Now here are some of the more interesting things I did
• a round of golf at the Queen E Pitch & Putt
• went with my raiser for her haircut
• enjoyed a Canadians baseball game – boy, that was loud!
• went to the ultra-low tide– that was a lot of fun – so much water to splash and run in, however I’m not ready to go swimming yet.
• Theatre Under the Stars play – just one word – mosquitos!!
• had an “in-dog” class with some of my fellow PADS dogs at Warner Loat park
• UBC pool for the first time (but no dip in the pool for me)
• salsa dancing at Robson Square (okay – I didn’t actually dance, but lot of people there were dancing)
• hiked the Four Lakes Trail at Squamish, and …
• took a ferry ride to Bowen Island – whew!

I’m getting much better at settling in different places, and my raiser would like to practice this some more, but things have slowed down a lot the last week or so – it has just been too hot. I have been playing with an ice cube, and laying in front of a fan to cool off. I’d love to go to the beach, but I started my heat cycle, so I’m sticking close to home for a while.

Submitted by: Christine