This month I spent three weeks in a different home as my raiser was away for both work and a holiday without me – how about that! However, my sitter’s home came with two other dogs, so it was fun to have built-in playmates. The sitters were great – I did a lot of walks with them. My raiser is back now, and she told me how much I’ve changed over the three weeks – I’ve grown again! I’ve been settling back into my usual routines this past week, including some walks in Pacific Spirit Park. I also tried to keep cool during the first really hot summer days by trying out a solar fountain. I had another in-person dog class at the PADS campus – there were lots of new things to experience during this class. I’ll remember the dinosaur skeleton the most- it was scary at first, but if I ever run into one again, I’ll be just fine : )

Submitted by: Christine