This month I’ve transitioned to my pink nose and lost a lot of baby teeth! I’ve been enjoying the longer days in March. However, I’m not too excited about the rainy puddles that have been around. My raiser has been working on making me comfortable with getting my feet wet. Although I had some fun running through a deep puddle, I’m still pretty careful walking through any puddles. I’ve been spending more days at work meetings and learning to be quiet and settled. My raiser was inspired by an outing of my littermate, Parker, and we went downtown on the Skytrain one morning. I was great on the train, but the downtown sidewalk has a lot of interesting smells and things that I’m not supposed to eat! One day I did some dog distraction work with another PADS dog, Xander. We both did really well, and after about 10 minutes, we were able to be about 10 feet apart and sit quietly. I attended a big PADS fund-raiser event on March 22 at the Hollywood theatre. I was very excited to meet so many new people and to see some of my dog friends. It was especially nice to meet the human mom and dad where I was born! I had a day trip to Lighthouse Park and Bowen island to finish off my busy month. This was my first ferry ride! 

Submitted by: Christine