Matcha AugAugust is a month of firsts, as well as fleeting moments to now look back on. Matcha came up to Edmonton August 18 in time for the last days of summer fun and brand new adventures.  He hit the ground running, almost literally, trying to keep up to his older brother, Xavier, and all the fun things to fit in.  Park running, camping, swimming and meeting new friends, all as the leaves are turning and the temperature dropping heading into fall. Everyday Matcha is a little bolder than the last, and a bit taller than before.  In just a few weeks his little body has been growing from round and stubby towards long and lanky, as he jumps higher into the car and runs faster out in the park.  No day is the same as the one before, a new thing one day is an experience the next, and even little Matcha is not as little as he was before.

Submitted by our fantastic PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Sarah Proudlock.